GL-2189 Necklace Mini Personal Air Purifier with LED Indicator

  • Min.Order quantity: 100 Piece
  • Supply Ability: 50000 Pieces per month
  • FOB Price: US $7.35 - 8.40/ Piece



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1. Portable design, small and beautiful, easy to carry.

2. Negative Ion Function, positively cleaning air.

3. Chargable design, convenient use.

4. S-style LED indicator, shows the status of battery.

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  • Model No. GL-2189
    Rated Voltage DC 5V
    Max power 0.2 W
    Negative ion output 5*106 pcs/cm³
    Product dimension 62*48*29mm
    Net Weight 0.045 KG
    Gross Weight 0.062 KG

    All products have 1 year free warranty, we also have 1% spare parts for bulk order.