Air purifier– good helper for refrigerator sterilization

Refrigerators, as an essential household appliance in the home, bear huge responsibilities. However, most families will encounter peculiar smells when using refrigerators. Although the refrigerator has the function of keeping fresh, its low temperature environment also allows bacteria to multiply. Gases such as methylamine and hydrogen sulfide produced by bacteria metabolism are the source of peculiar smell. According to the “Family Hygiene Report” issued by the Global Health Council: On average, there are 11.4 million bacteria per cubic centimeter in the refrigerator! A large number of bacteria will not only contaminate the food stored in the refrigerator, but also pose a threat to our health.

Therefore, it is very necessary to get a refrigerator air purifier. Here is a very useful refrigerator air purifier GL-136 to recommend.


First of all, it can deodorize, which can solve the problem of odor and bacteria growth caused by low temperature and humid air in the refrigerator. Complete refrigerator purification and sterilization more efficient and energy-saving.

In addition, it can kill the food flora, quickly deodorize, extend the shelf life and degrade pesticide residues. It uses ozone sterilization, which can damage the virus’s RNA, inhibit virus replication, and at the same time kill bacteria.


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Post time: Sep-02-2020