Fruit and vegetable washing machine rely on ozone sterilization

Summer is the peak season for sales and consumption of various vegetables and fruits. Due to problems such as pesticide residues, it is very necessary to have high-tech fruit and vegetable washing machines such as ozone sterilization at home.

An expert from the Environmental and Health Related Product Safety Institute of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention explained that the principle of a fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is generally that the ozone emitted from the machine is a strong oxidant, and pesticides are an organic compound. Ozone disinfection water is strongly oxidized. Destroy the chemical bonds of organic pesticides, make them lose their medicinal properties, and at the same time kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses on the surface to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Ozone has the following effects

Decomposition of pesticides and hormones: Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, rapidly oxidizing the molecular chains of pesticides and hormones, turning pesticides and hormones into stable inorganic compounds;

Sterilization and disinfection: The single atom in ozone has extremely strong permeability, which rapidly oxidizes the cell walls of bacteria and viruses to generate inorganic compounds for the purpose of sterilization and disinfection;

Separation of heavy metal ions: The oxygen atoms in ozone can oxidize water-soluble heavy metal ions into water-insoluble non-toxic and high-value compounds precipitated and separated;

Preservation and deodorization: Vegetables washed with ozone water or vegetables blown with ozone gas can prolong the freshness period by 2-3 times. Ozone gas can remove unpleasant odors in the bathroom, and remove fishy smell and moldy rice in the kitchen mell.

Post time: Sep-25-2020