New Ionic Ozone Air and Water Purifier Launch


It should not be forgotten that traditional sanitation is 2,000 times less effective than ozone treatments, which in addition have the advantage of being 100% ecological.
Ozone is one of the world’s most powerful sterilizing agents, it is also one of the safest & cleanest sterilizers as after 20-30 minutes ozone will automatically turn to oxygen, bringing no pollution to the surrounding environment!
The Italian Ministry of Health, with protocol no. 24482 of 31 July 1996, recognized the use of Ozone as a Natural Defence for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, molds and mites.
On June 26, 2001, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) admits the use of ozone as an antimicrobial agent in the gaseous phase or in aqueous solution in production processes.
The 21 CFR document part 173.368 declared ozone as a GRAS element (Generally Recognized As Safe) that is a secondary food additive safe for human health
The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in the FSIS Directive 7120.1 approves the use of ozone in contact with the raw product, up to fresh cooked products and products just before packaging
On 27 October 2010, the CNSA (Committee for Food Safety), a technical advisory body operating within the Italian Ministry of Health, expressed a favorable opinion on the ozone treatment of the air in cheese maturing environments.
At the begining of year 2021, Guanglei Launched a new “Ionic Ozone Air and Water Purifier”, with high anion output and different ozone modes for differential daily operation.

Type: GL-3212
Power Supply: 220V-240V~ 50/60Hz
Input Power: 12 W
Ozone output: 600mg/h
Negative output: 20 million pcs / cm3
5~30 minutes timer for manual mode
2 holes on the back for hanging on wall
Fruit & Vegetable Washer: Remove pesticides and bacteria from fresh produce
Airtight room: Removes odor, tobacco smoke and particles in the air
Kitchen: Removes food preparation and cooking (onions, garlic and fish odour and smoke in the air)
Pets: Removes pets’ odour
Cupboard: Kills bacteria and mould. Removes odour from cupboard
Carpets and furniture: Removes harmful gases such as formaldehyde emanating from furniture, painting and carpeting
Ozone can effectively kill bacteria and viruses, and can remove the organic impuritiesin the water.
It can remove odor and be used as a bleaching agent too.
Chlorine is widely used in water treatment practice; it generates harmful substances such as chloroform in the process of treating water. Ozone will not generate Chloroform. Ozone is more germicidal than chlorine. It has been widely used in water plants in the USA and EU.
Chemical Ozone can break the bonds of organic compounds to combine from new compounds. It is widely used as an oxidant in the chemical, petrol, papermaking and pharmaceutical industries.
Because ozone is a safe, powerful disinfectant, it can be used to control biological growth of unwanted organisms in products and equipment used in the food processing industries.
Ozone is particularly suited to the food industry because of its ability to disinfect microorganisms without adding chemical by-products to the food being treated or to the food processing water or atmosphere in which food is stored.
In aqueous solutions, ozone can be used to disinfect equipment, process water and food items and neutralise pesticides
In gaseous form, ozone can act as a preservative for certain food products and can also sanitize food packaging materials.
Some products currently being preserved with ozone include eggs during cold storage,


fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh seafood.

Post time: Jan-09-2021