Purify air of your car

Nowadays, more and more people have cars, we drive to work, visit friends, take vacations……What is status of air in car? Is it same as at home or in forest?

American Testing Result reveals:

The car hazardous substances content is 5-10 times higher than home and office. There are more than 100 volatile organic compounds mainly like benzene, methylbenzene, xylene, formaldehyde in car. Absorbing the car odor and hazardous substances will lead to diseases such as leukemia, cancer, infant deformity.


Our GL-529 can generate more than 10 billion negative ions per cub meters automatically when you are driving, it can also purify air and remove odor through build-in compound filter.

It is suitable for cars, offices, conference rooms, bedrooms, shoe cabinets, bathrooms etc.




Post time: Sep-18-2020