The necessity of car air purifier

Compared with the indoor air quality problem, the air pollution problem in the car also cannot be ignored. During the driving process, on the one hand, one has to face the situation that the dirty air from the outside enters the car, and more pollution mainly comes from the car, such as the car body, accessories, leather, etc., which will continue to release harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. After the vehicle is exposed to the sun in summer, the problem is more serious. In addition, the long-term stay of second-hand smoke in the car and the airflow of the car’s tail into the compartment also aggravate the air pollution in the car. For the sake of your own body, a reliable car air purifier is very necessary.

Here I will introduce you a very useful car air purifier.




Powerful Purification Function

Release more than double negative ion volume, up to 10 million/cubic centimeter.



Higher wind volume with hundreds of CNC wind holes

Bring more wind intake area and beautiful appearance as well, completely cycling the vehicle air, improving purification efficiency.


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Post time: Dec-11-2020