You need an air purifier in COVID 19

Concern over COVID-19, many people are worrying about indoor air quality and whether an air purifier can help. Consumer Reports’ experts reveal what a residential air purifier can really do when it comes to cleaning the air.

There are three main types of air purifiers that have been marketed as best for combating COVID-19. They are:

  • UV Light Air Purifiers
  • Ionizer Air Purifiers
  • HEPA Filter Air Purifiers

We’ll go through each in turn, using data to show which is the best.

COVID Protection #1: UV Light Air Purifiers

UV air purifiers have been mentioned by some as the best air purifier for COVID-19 protection. Data shows that UV light can kill the coronavirus, so UV light air purifiers seems like an effective way to kill viruses such as the coronavirus in the air.

COVID Protection #2: Ionizer Air Purifiers

Ionizer purifiers are another type of air purifier that some have said is best against COVID. They work by shooting negative ions into the air. These negative ions stick to viruses, and in turn sticking them surfaces like walls and tables.

This is an important point for ionizer air purifiers. Because the ions only move the viruses to walls and tables, the virus is still in the room. Ionizers do not kill or remove the viruses from the air. What’s more, these surfaces could become a means of transmitting the Covid-19 virus.

COVID Protection #3: HEPA Filter Air Purifiers

If you’ve read this far, you probably already know which type of air purifier is the best for protecting against COVID-19. HEPA filter air purifiers have been around for a long time. And there’s a reason for that. They do a great job of capturing tiny particles, including nanoparticles as well as particles the size of the coronavirus.

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You need an air purifier in COVID 19

Post time: Jun-11-2021