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GL-388 Whale Shape Mini USB Ionizer Ozone Air Purifier Air Cleaner

  • Min.Order quantity: 100 Piece
  • Supply Ability: 50000 Pieces per month




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1,2 millions negative ions

Negative ion is good for our health. It can help increase our blood oxygen, absorption and utilization so as to improve our body immunity.

2,HEPA filter can clear smoke, particles and pollen, kill bacteria as high efficiency as 99.97%

3,Portable, cute whale shape design

4,Excellent performance against chemical smell, second-hand smoke, odor, mold and germs.

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  • Model No. GL-388
    Voltage DC12V
    Max power 5.4W
    Negative ion output 2*106pcs/cm³
    Ozone 100mg/h
    Dimension 160*98*82mm
    Material ABS
    Certificate CE, RoHS, FCC

    Approved CE, RoHS, FCC certificate.

    All products have 1 year free warranty, we also have 1% spare parts for bulk order.